Xtreme® Faux Mink Lash Extensions

Xtreme® Faux Mink synthetic lash extensions are applied one-by-one to each individual natural lash. Faux Mink lash extensions are 47% lighter than the average eyelash extension. They provide a voluminous look from base-to-tip and are water-repellent with superior resistance to twisting and tangling. You can obtain either a dramatic or natural look with Xtreme® lash extensions. We offer multiple lengths, curls, and thicknesses to meet each client's desired look. First time getting lashes and aren't sure what will look best? That's okay! We are certified Xtreme® lash artists who have a creative eye for this!

Full Set $250

60 Minute Fill (Standard) $88

45 Minute Fill $65

30 Minute Fill $55

Premier Full Body Sugaring

Sugaring services are performed with a warm sugar paste that is made up of sugar, water, and lemon juice. The paste is applied with the technician's hand against the direction of hair growth and with a flick of the wrist, the entire hair is removed (including the bulb!). This technique is less abrasive to the client's skin and results in little-to-no breakage or ingrown hairs compared to waxing. Sugaring is known for a softer, longer-lasting result than waxing.

Basic Bikini $35

Extended Bikini $50

Brazilian Bikini $70

Brazilian Maintenance $50

Half Arm $25

Full Arm $40

Underarm $20

Lower Back $30

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $65

Full Leg & Bikini $90


Facial Waxing

GiGi soft honee wax is used for facial waxing services because smooth, flawless, hair-free skin is a right, not a privilege and all waxes are not developed equally.

Brow Wax $25

Lip Wax $15

Chin Wax $20

Full Face Wax $40


Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lashes are intricate and hand-created (by your technician) fans made with individual synthetic lashes and applied to each individual natural lash. If two lashes are applied to one natural lash this is considered 2D, if three lashes are applied to one natural lash this is considered 3D, etc. This technique is also known as Russian Volume. Volume lashes are lighter in weight and long-lasting. They are ideal for clients who are looking for a fuller look as well as the client who doesn't have a lot of natural lashes or sparse lashes. 

Full Set $300

90 Minute Fill (Standard) $115

60 Minute Fill $95

45 Minute Fill $80

30 Minute Fill $65

Dermaplane Facial

Dermaplane is a highly effective way of exfoliating the face by using a medical grade blade to remove the layer of rough thickened skin cells and the vellus hairs (“peach fuzz”) on our face without any irritation or pain. Dermaplaning is gentle and suitable for most skin types; especially those who are sensitive and those with hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Dermaplaning does not break any capillaries ...on the face which makes a great alternative for someone whose skin is too sensitive for microdermabrasion. Dermaplaning is not a surgical procedure and does not have any downtime. You will leave with immediate results of smooth, hydrated, glowing skin that continues to enhance over time as new collagen is produced.

1 hr - $95



Tinting is a semi-permanent hair color for lashes & brows that lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. Tinting helps enhance thickness and/or change the color of your brows & lashes. Get this affect without the use of a brow liner resulting in no smudging or smearing. Great add on to microbladed eyebrows!

Brow Tint $20

Lash Tint $25